4 Keys to Myofascial Fitness

Firstly what is the Myofascia?

New research shows that in fact it’s not the Musculo-skeletal system as we have traditionally thought that supports us. What’s most important is the health of your connective tissue system, your Myofascia, because it is the support system all the other systems of your body rely on for stability, support and hydration. And combined with a healthy nervous system a healthy Myofascial system is what is going to maintain you in good health for life.  Continue reading “4 Keys to Myofascial Fitness”

Is Yoga Good For Your Back?

I’m expected to answer this in the affirmative seeing as I teach yoga. But I really have to be honest here. As a qualified and experienced yoga instructor I’ve been passionate about yoga for decades and it is, quite honestly, my obsession. But is it good for my back?

Continue reading “Is Yoga Good For Your Back?”

Is Your Smart Phone causing your Back pain?


We may start our work day with the best intentions, ergonomic keyboards, lumbar support, optimism even. But that sinking feeling is almost inevitable, and Smart Phones are adding more stress to our spine than ever. If you have a stiff or sore neck, burning between your shoulder blades, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff issues, headaches, frozen shoulder, lower back pain, sciatic pain, the list goes on, you may be experiencing Computer Syndrome.  Continue reading “Is Your Smart Phone causing your Back pain?”